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How much does the new Golf 8 cost?

Order books for the new Mk8 Volkswagen Golf have opened in the UK, with pricing starting from £23,875 until more variants are rolled out. Initially, only two trim levels will be offered.

How much is a golf 8 GTI?

However, based on the current R632,000 price tag for the seventh-generation GTI, and the history of cars becoming more expensive as soon as they touch South African soil, we would budget around R700,000 for a new Golf 8 GTI.

Will there be a Mk8 Golf R?

Volkswagen are allowing European residents to order the new Volkswagen Golf R starting from the 5th of November 2020. This means UK sales should also start not long after. As for deliveries, you can expect to see the first Golf R Mk8’s on UK roads sometime in 2021.

How much is a Golf GTI 2020?

New Mk8 VW Golf GTI, GTE and GTD price and specs

The new VW Golf GTI is now on sale in the UK now. It costs from £33,460 for a six-speed manual model and £34,960 for a model with a seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox.

What is the fastest golf?

New VW Golf R: The fastest and most powerful Golf ever made

  • New VW Golf R is the most powerful Golf ever made, trumping the outgoing model for pace and acceleration.
  • 320 PS engine sends the R from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds.
  • Go for the ‘R-Performance’ pack and you’ll get a special ‘Drift’ button as well as a drive mode specifically for the track.


Will there be a golf 9?

Even though the sun will eventually set on the combustion engine, it’s hard to imagine the day when VW will retire the “Golf” name since it’s the most important moniker in the company’s history.

Hot Golfs Coming Next Year:

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Body Style Hatchback

What does GTI stand for?

Although GTI stands for Gran Turismo Iniezione on some Italian models, Volkswagen uses GTI as shorthand for Grand Touring Injection.

What does DSG stand for?

A) The DSG (or Direct-Shift Gearbox) is a semi-automatic gearbox made by Volkswagen. Unlike a conventional automatic ‘box, which uses a ‘torque converter’ instead of a traditional clutch, the DSG has two clutches.

What does TSI stand for?

TSI: This abbreviation stands for Turbocharged Stratified Injection. All U.S. models now have a turbocharged engine, and stratified injection simply means the fuel is injected into the cylinders before ignition. This way you get the best mix of oxygen and gas for improved efficiency.

Which is faster R32 or Golf R?

Despite the R being quicker than the R32, the R32 is in a class of its own. It was created as a ‘special edition’ if you will, and has since held onto its reputation amongst fellow R32 owners. The car sounds great, looks great, and has that additional power on top, for when you want to pick up the pace.

Should I buy a GTI or Golf R?

The Golf R is that kind of car that masks the imperfections of the road thanks to its AWD system. The GTI, meanwhile, is more incisive, more responsive in its accelerations even if it has fewer horses to play with under the hood. On this day, the four-wheel drive of the Golf R gave it an unsurmountable advantage.

What does R mean on a golf?

What is the Golf R? The VW Golf R is a performance hatchback with the addition of premium touches and technology to the VW Golf GTI. What does the R stand for in Golf R? The R in Golf R stands for Racing.

Is a GTI a good car?

CarBuyer reports the Mk6 overall is considered more reliable than the Mk5. But Consumer Reports recommends avoiding 2010-2012 GTIs. In fact, Car Complaints ranks the 2012 model as the worst Volkswagen GTI model year. The 2013 and 2014 models, though, are more reliable.

Is the Golf GTI a good first car?

Yes a GTI is a good first car. It teaches you how to manage somewhat higher powered cars (either through multiple speeding tickets or not having a lead foot) and has good handling to get you out of trouble. It’s also great because of the manual option, which is a dying breed in the US.

How much does a 2021 Golf GTI cost?

From $28,695

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